There are clear signs your relationship is on the right track

Signs Your Relationship Is On The Right Track

If there is one thing that’s for sure it’s that when it comes to relationships there are no guarantees. Even though no one can tell with certainty that a relationship will last forever, there are always signs that your relationship is on the right track.

What Are The Telltale Signs To Look For In Your Relationship?

Some of the signs that your relationship is going well are actually very simple things that we are usually too busy to notice.

*Open communication. Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of all successful relationships. If you feel that you can share anything with her, from your fears and complaints to your dreams and aspirations, that’s a clear sign that your relationship has strong foundations.

*Attention to the little things. Noticing the little things about each other is a serious sign that you care. Does she notice when you wear a new shirt? Do you notice when she has put on a new color of lipstick? If so, it means that you actually pay attention to one another enough to discern these subtle differences.

*Spontaneous gestures of love. Everyone makes Valentine’s Day or birthday gifts, but if you have walked 1 km to buy her favorite sweets from that Italian patisserie and she has gone out of her way to buy you that vinyl record you were after, it means you want to show your love every day. These small, spontaneous gestures are a testament to your desire to make each other happy.

More Signs Of A Happy Relationship

*Not caring about social media attention. If you are genuinely happy in the moments you share with your loved one, it should be enough for you. It has been found that people who overshare on social media are seeking attention from others because they are not receiving enough from their partners.  That’s not to say a happy person would quit social media altogether, but they certainly wouldn’t post about every little part of their personal life.

*You are making conscious efforts to improve. When your significant other is a person you admire (which should always be the case), it makes you want to become a better version of yourself.  From losing those extra pounds to be even more attractive, to quitting smoking in order to be healthier are signs you care.

*You are happy. Finally, the most crucial sign that your relationship is doing well is your own happiness. It might be hard to remember as we get consumed by our everyday routine and responsibilities, but happiness is what we are in relationships for. Of course, no one can expect to be in a state of bliss 24/7, but the question to ask yourself at the end of the day is “Am I happy?”

Finding the right person to share our lives and be happy with is not the easiest thing to do, but once that person comes into our lives they are definitely worth keeping. If your relationship shows the signs described above, you should consider yourself a very lucky person.

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