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Signs Your Partner is Being Two-Faced

Two-faced – it is the perfect adjective to describe someone who is always lying to you. When in a relationship, lying is a sign that the relationship is unhealthy and the couple has to do something about it or risk ending the partnership they have. We are here to help you discover if you should worry about your partner.

Doubting Your Partner? Here’s How you Catch a Liar

As mentioned, lying (in a big way) is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. You can either work on the relationship as a couple, or you can snip your connection in the bud. Before you do this, though, you have to know whether your partner is indeed lying to you. Here’s exactly how you can tell when your partner is lying or not:

1. Inconsistent details in a story

No matter how good someone is at lying, the lie will eventually catch up to this person. Inconsistencies in his alibi, excuse or story will be the first things to surface. One minute he went to place A, the next, he’ll explain that he was actually in place B. Suspicious!

2. Defensiveness

If you asked your partner where he or she is going on the weekend and then he or she erupts in madness without you knowing why you need to ask yourself if the relationship is still working. Why would your partner get mad with a simple question? Defensiveness is the next sign that comes out after inconsistencies.

3. Always busy on the weekends

Most working class people have Saturdays or Sundays off. This is the perfect time for a couple to spend time together. Or, so we thought. If one person is always busy during weekends, you have got to wonder why. It’s perfectly fine if your partner is spending his weekends with friends and family, but he or she should be able to squeeze in some time with you once or twice a month.

4. Awkward Body Language

Have you ever noticed that someone is acting “weird” or they’re not being themselves? This is a good sign that can tell you the person might be hiding something. Words may be easy to manipulate, but our bodies aren’t, especially when it comes to hiding something.

Whether you’re online dating or offline dating, you can still make use of these tips. Do you want to read more tips on how to spot a liar or a two-faced person? Our blog has loads of other tips that you can read so make sure you head there after reading this.