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Signs Of Mutual Attraction You Should Watch Out For

We all want to know if there’s mutual attraction before we pursue somebody because there is a lesser chance of getting rejected. However, apart from asking plain out, how do we know if the feeling is mutual or just one-sided?

Your Date Is Also Into You If You Spot These Signs Of Mutual Attraction

Look out for these signs of mutual attraction on your first date. These will give you an idea if your date would be interested to go on another date with you:

Their Method Of Interacting

You can make conclusions based on your date’s behavior. If they do not make eye contact or their eyes are always checking out somebody else, or they are always on their phone, then most certainly, there is no connection. But, if you are getting appropriate responses to your words and actions and you are engaged in good conversation, then there is definitely some attraction.

The Color On Their Cheeks

Blushing is something that can give one away because nobody can control this involuntary action. When people are attracted to someone, they would definitely be prone to blush because of the surging emotions.

Dilation Of The Eyes

When we are interested in someone, our pupils naturally dilate. And since he or she is engrossed in you, they will most likely look you in the eye. Then, you will be able to see their eyes. If they are dilating, then most likely there is attraction. However, pupils also dilate under low light, so be careful not to mistake that with feelings.

Movements Of The Feet

When we like someone, our feet would involuntarily be facing towards the person. This works both ways. You are interested in that person and all of your body parts are leaning towards the direction of where the person is.

The Voice

Women’s voices naturally increase in pitch when they are interested in the man. On the other hand, a man’s voice drops if he likes a woman. This makes them appear manlier and more attractive to the woman. We cannot control these reactions in our voice chords. They just happen naturally when we are excited because we are interested in somebody.

Mutual attraction is not so hard to spot now that you are aware of what to watch out for. Even without words, you will know if you the other person is interested in you. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.