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She says “I’m Fine”, But What Does She Mean?

Have you ever asked your girlfriend if she’s okay, and then she answers, “I’m fine”? You’ve probably experienced this several times in your relationship. Let’s admit it. Men can always tell if the “I’m fine” answer isn’t what a woman wants to say. But, why do women do this?

Why She Says “I’m Fine, But Means The Opposite

There are times when women actually are fine. But, most of the time men are actually nervous when they get this answer because there’s a good chance that there’s, indeed, something wrong. If you wife or girlfriend has this habit, there’s an explanation to it:

1. She thinks that she’s overreacting.

Over the years, women have been told that they are constantly overreacting or that they are too emotional. Maybe, your girl is saying that she’s fine (even though she isn’t) because she feels like you’re not going to acknowledge how she feels.

This is a good tip to remember. If you know that your lady is not okay, never tell her that she’s just being too emotional because this is hurtful.

2. She hasn’t figured out how she actually feels.

“I’m fine” could also mean that she hasn’t figured things out yet. She could still be confused or in the process of assessing the situation. In this case, you have to grant her more time until she knows exactly what’s going on with her internally and externally.

3. She doesn’t have the energy to explain everything.

She’s just tired. She doesn’t have the energy to explain everything to you yet. Maybe she needs a bit of time to rest. And then, she may share everything that’s happening with her.

No matter what the case is, you have to be proactive if you know that your wife or girlfriend is having a hard time. Whether she needs emotional comfort or just someone to talk to, you have to be present. Don’t think about yourself for the moment and focus on what your lady needs. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog