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Saying “I Love You” Has Never Been Easier, Here’s Why

Do your loved ones complain because you’re always out of touch? Maybe your wife or your girlfriend complain that you do not say those “three little words” enough. That is what tech guru, Guru Ranganathan is going through. So he decided that it was time to remedy the situation with a love chatbot called the LoveBot.

LoveBot Sends I Love You Automatically

What is LoveBot?

From its name, you can probably tell what the LoveBot does. But, it’s not what you’re thinking. It is not an app that says “I Love You.” It really does the opposite.

In a nutshell, it’s an app that sends messages for you. You can download it on your phone and then configure it with themes. Themes are like categories that let you send love, casual and motivational messages. You have to set it according to the type of message you want to send.

You can also set the numbers of messages you want to be sent out. Maybe a better description of its function would be that it sends messages on your behalf because the messages will be coming from your account.

The Automatic I Love Yous

A love chat bot is a brilliant solution to the dilemma that busy people experience. Check out this video of Guru Ranganathan at the Disrupt SF Hackathon 2016 to know more about the LoveBot.

Send I Love You Everyday with LoveBotWhy LoveBot Is a Good Idea

Let’s acknowledge that not everyone is expressive. Most of us also don’t have enough time to send out messages throughout the day purposefully. Despite that, we have to make efforts, so our loved ones don’t feel that they are unimportant. While you’re working on making communication a habit, use LoveBot for the mean time.

You might be thinking that your wife, girlfriend or loved ones are going to know that the message came from a robot. No, they won’t, which is the best part about the LoveBot app.

The LoveBot is a great app to use for this purpose because the messages still come from us. It’s just that they’re scheduled. Just make sure to skip scheduling messages during date night. It might get awkward when your wife or girlfriend receives a chat from LoveBot while you’re together.