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Russian Women Want to Hear these 4 Compliments

It’s stereotypical to say that Russian women do not enjoy compliments because they have a tough and cold exterior. On the contrary, all women love compliments. Russian women just don’t want to be showered with compliments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It gets tiring to hear and it gives off the impression that the man doesn’t have anything else to talk about. The truth is, you cannot charm a Russian woman just by complimenting her on her looks. It takes more than that.

When you do want to pass a compliment, here are 4 that won’t sound forced or generic.

What Russian Women Want to Hear

1. “You have a big heart.”

Russian women know that they are beautiful. They do not need to be reminded constantly. Instead of focusing on what you CAN see, like her eyes, her face, her body, her hair, try focusing in what you CANNOT see, like her personality or concealed traits. Of course, you can’t just put it out there spontaneously. You’d have to have a real conversation first.

2. “Your smile is always a joy to look at.”

Pass a compliment at the perfect moment. It’s always good to trust your gut in telling when exactly you need to do this. Blurting out compliments during inappropriate times gives a bad impression. Besides, you do not want to rely on giving out compliments to try to catch Russian women‘s attention.

This particular compliment you could say after a joke (that is if she laughs, of course). Or, you could also say this when she flashes a smile.

3. “You look great in that dress.”

When giving out compliments, you need to pay attention to details. If there’s something new about her – new bag, new dress, new haircut, new lipstick color – you can compliment her on that. On the other hand, you could always just say, “You look beautiful” when you see her with something new on but remember our goal: for her to know that you are indeed paying attention. Telling her that her new hairstyle suites her means that you notice every bit when your together (even if it’s via Skype) and that’s a plus point!

4. “I love that you’re into art.”

Have you ever heard of the expression, “Flattery won’t get you anywhere”? It’s true in this case. There’s a difference between a flattery and a compliment, first off. Flattery is praise which is excessive and insecure. Compliments are true and sincere. To avoid this, you have to point out something factual like her love for animals, children or art.

Deeper Connection

The key to compliments is it has to be sincere. If you are sincere, your compliments and your delivery of them will feel natural. For you to do this, you have to have a deeper connection, a deeper conversation and so on. It might take time before you can actually master the art of giving compliments but it will pay off – you will make one heck of an impression with your Russian woman. Just remember: do not overdo it, do not just blurt out compliments randomly and avoid flattery.