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How Russian Women View Dating Process

The word courtship hasn’t been used very often by a lot of people actively engaging in casual dating. It does, however exist, especially in Russia where the idea of courtship and the Russian mentality of it is a lot different than yours. If you’re aiming to woo, date, court, or win the hearts of Russian women, you’ll first have to understand how these ladies view the whole courtship or dating process.

Dating Process From the Perspective of a Russian Woman

1. The Russian Princess

This is the first thing that you should know… The Russian woman that you’re dating or courting is a Russian Princess. She has been treated as such by her father and she’s assuming that “the man” for her will treat her the same way. Because of this idea, your Russian partner will have certain expectations of how you act and on how you treat her and her family (not just on holidays or on special occasions but every day).

This may bring you to think that Russian women are diva-ish in their attitude but it’s more centered on treating them with respect and equality. This also implies that Russian women need to feel cherished; very far from the idea of waiting on them hand and foot.

2. The Only One

During the courting or dating stage, your Russian lady friend is expecting that she’s the only one that you’re seeing. As mentioned earlier, dating is very different in the Russian culture because you would have to see one person at a time as compared to other cultures where you find people dating multiple women in one given period. This is already considered cheating by Russian standards.

3.   She’s Alluring

This is the other thing that you need to remember when courting a Russian female. She will be captivating, charming and enticing but she will not pursue you. That’s your job so as a man you would need to do all of the initiating. Like we said earlier, she’s a Russian Princess!

4. Moving Forward

You should be very clear of your intentions with a Russian woman. Dating or courting her gives her the idea that you possibly want to move forward. Making her feel like your intention is just to “pass through” or you’re just going “fishing”, is not what courting is about. Well, at least not in Russia so keep this in mind.

5. The Family and Friends Factor

These things may not matter in your country but they shouldn’t be underestimated in Russia. You making an effort to spend time with her family and friends is a big deal for a Russian woman. She may be having second thoughts about you but once you’ve won over her family and friends, those second thoughts will disappear instantly.

Dating Process In a New Light

The key to courting and dating the Russian way is for you to have an open mind especially with the difference in the dating culture. Follow this advice and you’ll have yourself a Russian girlfriend in no time.