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Russian Sentences to Sweep Her off Her Feet

The sweet words of love and adoration – that’s what most women want to hear. It may be a little bit difficult when your lady speaks a totally different language but with a bit of practice and effort put into learning a few Russian sentences, you might just sweep her off her feet. We can’t really cover all of the languages in the world but let us start you off with Russian.

For Successful Dating Learn These Russian Sentences

Russians are not particularly expressive but, for all you know, this might better your chances so why not give it a try? Here are a few sentences or phrases you can use when talking to a gorgeous Russian woman through AnastasiaDate’s LiveChat or CamShare platforms:

Phrase of love #1: You are so beautiful

Let’s start off with something that’s simple – a compliment. Telling someone you’ve been chatting with that they look beautiful in their pictures is something that’s very common. So, in Russian you can say: “Ты такая красивая” which is pronounced “Ty takaya krasivaya”.

Phrase of love #2: My Angel

Next up on our list is a nickname. There are a lot of pet-names you give your sweetheart but we found that this particular one is very flattering: “Ангел мой”. This phrase means “my angel” and it is pronounced as “Angel moy”. We chose this phrase because there are a lot of things (positive ones) that go with the word like sweet, kind, angelic beauty, etc.

Phrase of love #3: How do you do?

OK, so you may be thinking that this phrase isn’t really a “love” sentence but you’ll see. “How do you do?” Or “How are you?” Or “How’s it going?” in Russian is “ЗдрАвствуйте! Как делА?”. Don’t be intimidated, it’s simply pronounced “Zdravstvuyte! Kak dela? ”

You can choose to use this phrase by itself but here’s where the romantic part comes in. If you combine this phrase with a pet-name then you are good to go: “How are you, My Angel?” It changes a little bit and becomes “Как поживаете, мой ангел?” which is pronounced “Kak pozhivayete , moy angel?”

Phrase of love #4: I knew I’d find you!

This phrase you can say if you feel like the Russian woman that you’re chatting with is “the one”. Very romantic! So you can say “Я знал, что найду тебя” in Russian which is pronounced: “YA znal, chto naydu tebya”. It’s a bit difficult, but practice makes perfect! Pause after the first two words and then say the rest slowly.

Phrase of love #5: See you soon.

This sentence is good when you’re done talking or chatting. Goodbye, we figured, was similar to “end of story” so “See you soon” is better. In Russian you say, “До скорого свидания” which is pronounced “Do skorogo svidaniya”.

Last Piece Of Advice

We know that some of these phrases need constant repetition so when in doubt of the exact pronunciation, check Google translate. But, if you are currently online dating, you are in luck. For now, you only need to copy and paste these sentences and you are off to a great start. And you have enough time to learn how to pronounce them.

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