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Relationship Warning Signs That Say You Deserve Better

In your desire to be part of the dating game or to join the ranks of the settled, you tend to compromise. You encounter obvious relationship warning signs and still choose to ignore them.

Relationship Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

In this case, ignorance will not usher in bliss. Most of the time, those who compromise willingly feel that things might get better. They usually don’t, to be honest. You need to open your eyes as you review and recognize these relationship warning signs:

Your boundaries are being violated.

All of us have boundaries. These can be about anything, such as a limit to our alcohol intake, or acts that define who we are as persons. Do you say no to something and your partner still takes it lightly or keeps on doing his or her original plan? And, it has happened several times already? Then that means your partner does not respect your personal boundaries. This won’t change even if you are already married. In fact, the treatment can get worse.

You are expected to be always available.

Like a well-trained pet, you are expected to always be available and eager to please. It could be a company outing, a family dinner, or a class reunion, you are supposed to be present and at your best. You have no way of saying no, even if you are not comfortable in such circumstances. Any rejection on your part could be a start of a long fight. This is very unhealthy in a relationship.

You are not treated as a partner.

In a relationship, both man and woman are partners. They might be doing different things and contributing to the relationship at varying degrees but no one should look down on the other. The level of respect for each other should be high. If you are treated more like an accessory or as a convenient excuse, then you are not a partner at all.

Your priorities are not important to your partner.

It is important that your partner knows and supports your dreams, aspirations, as well as your priorities. If they don’t, then that means that they do not really care about you. These things are part of your present and your future. If they do not respect these, then they do not have a part in your future.

These four things are grave issues that do not get resolved, even after many years of being together. To avoid regrets, take heed of these relationship warning signs and get out of there already. You deserve better. For more tips, make sure to read the rest of our blog.