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These Are The Relationship Questions People Want Answered Most

Most of the time, if we don’t seek relationship advice from books, we seek it from the internet. In order for us to get the information we need, we commonly use search engines. Of course, the most popular of which is Google. Well, it has just revealed the most popularly searched relationship questions on their platform.

What Relationship Questions Does Society Always Ask From Google?

Through analyzing and crunching up the numbers, Google came up with a list of relationship questions that many of us have entered into its search bar. The list was made live and it gives us a peek into how modern-day relationships operate:

1. How to make long distance relationships work?

2. How to change your relationship status on Facebook?

3. How to build trust in a relationship?

4. What is a poly relationship?

5. How to save your relationship?

6. What is an open relationship?

7. How to get over a relationship?

8. How to get out of a toxic relationship?

9. How to know when your relationship is over?

10. What does a healthy relationship look like?

What these questions tell us is that there are classic problems that still happen even today. Broken relationships, toxic relationships, falling out of couples, and so on still exist. These problems may never go away.

Next, modern-day relationships are open to modern ideas such as polygamy and open relationships. It could be an indication that society’s concept of a relationship is evolving.

Top Two Questions

The second most searched question shows that partners consider social media an integral part of life. Most of us today may be addicted to updating our statuses on our various profiles. With the Google list as evidence, it’s apparent that we do not hesitate to let the world know if a new love has become a part of our life.

The most searched question has to do with long-distance relationships. Although indirectly, the question solidifies the acceptance of online dating or app dating into modern society.

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