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Don’t Let Your Relationship Insecurities Ruin Everything

Loving a person feels good and spells magic, romance, and a whole gamut of positive experiences. But, keeping and maintaining a relationship is a different thing. There are challenges like relationship insecurities that threaten the couple all the time if work is not done to overcome them.

Common Relationship Insecurities And What To Do About Them

It seems that relationship insecurities plague more women than men, but men do have some insecurities of their own that can ruin any relationship. Here are some of them, as identified by different relationship experts:

Body Insecurities

Women are very sensitive about their looks and figures. So are some men. They try very much to look their best for their partners and for other people. But, as they do this, a single negative comment can impact them badly. They would need constant reassurance as well as the encouragement to pursue a healthier version of themselves in all aspects.


All people want to be loved. It is a need, much like the air we breathe. We want to be consistently assured that we are loved whether in words, actions, or gifts, depending on our love language. If we don’t receive love signals from our partners, we might start to feel bad about ourselves, even if our partners are just temporarily busy at work.

Past Insecurities

We all have past experiences, some happy, some traumatic, and some included bad love choices. However, for some, their past is like a shameful thing that they would want to blot out of their lives. If somehow an unglamorous part of their lives resurfaces, they will experience anxiety and a host of other psychological problems.

Other People

We often hear about women saying that they trust their partners but not the people around them. They feel that there are partners who are more gorgeous or handsome, more intelligent, more loving, and more flirtatious. Each and every person that associates with their partners, whether at work or at some common leisure establishments, become targets of their wrath.

These relationship insecurities can lead to some psychological problems and will ruin relationships. If it gets too much, it is best that you seek help before these eventually destroy you and your partner. For more tips on improving relationships, do check out the rest of the blog.