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Relationship Goals You Should Be Aiming For In 2021

This year, as any year probably, we read and saw a lot of posts and pictures about relationship goals on social media that made us aim for the “almost impossible”. Why do we say almost impossible? Well, we can’t all have matching luxury cars, be kissing on a cliff somewhere exotic, or be proposed to with an entire flash mob dancing to the tune of our couple song.

Realistic Relationship Goals That Make Couples Strong And Happy

Let’s fess up to the fact that the relationship goals we see floating around on social media don’t really do much to make our relationship strong and happy. Instead of aiming for fantasies we should all be aiming for the following realistic goals for couples in 2021:

1. A New Experience, Once A Month

Did you know that when a couple shares a new and positive experience together, their bond is strengthened? When a couple tries something new together, they create shared experiences which stimulate excitement, closeness and “the spark”. Here are a few examples of new experiences that a couple can do together:

  • Visit a new city
  • Check out a new restaurant
  • Take salsa classes
  • Learn how to spearfish

It doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as it is something new and exciting for the couple.

2. Remind Yourselves What You Love About Each Other

It’s easy to focus on the negative aspects of your partner when you’re angry or annoyed, but we have to remember that focusing on the negative will not strengthen our relationship. What can, however, is focusing on what we love most about our partner. In fact, even if we are not mad or annoyed, thinking about why you fell in love with the person can be a great practice.

3. Consistent Date Nights

We all get busy most of the time, but next year, you can list down “Friday Night, Date Night” as one of your relationship goals. It has to be mandatory so both of you in the relationship can find time to be alone together.

4. Be More Appreciative

We should all make a habit out of showing our partner how we appreciate them. We could do that through small gifts, our gestures and our words. Saying “thank you” to our partner will mean a lot to them.

These four examples of relationship goals are very practical and do-able, and they are the stuff that will help make our relationship last longer and stronger next year and the years to come. For more dating tips, check out other posts from our blog.