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Ways To Recognize Intimacy Issues

If our goal was to find the perfect girl, someone with no issue, we’d have a hard time doing so. Each of these issues can affect our non-romantic and romantic relationships in negative ways. For example, almost every one of us has intimacy issues. We just can’t admit it to ourselves.

Before You Can Work On Your Intimacy Issues, You Have To Acknowledge Them First

You can’t really find a solution to a problem if you don’t recognize that there’s a problem in the first place. So, this is your first step. You have to spot intimacy issues within yourself or within your relationship before you can do anything else. There are plenty of signs to watch out for, but the most common ones are below:

1. Review You And Your Partner’s History

Your relationships will have patterns. If you’ve had commitment issues in the past, for example, cheating or being afraid to commit, you may have intimacy issues. If this description sounds more like your partner’s, then you have to talk to him or her about it. Probe why you or your partner don’t stay long in relationships.

2. Problems Outside The Relationship

Are you having problems outside of your relationship? You may be experiencing depression, stress, exhaustion and so on. All of these can make you withdraw from your partner. You have to determine external factors that are causing you to not be present in your relationship.

3. Recognize Feelings Of Distrust

If you don’t trust your partner, it doesn’t mean that you have intimacy issues. However, if you don’t trust yourself, your partner and the majority of people around you, then it could indicate so. You may have been hurt in the past and are not ready to fully trust people around you.

Now that you know the signs, you have to take the next proactive step. Talk to each other and make sure that you are truly committed to help each other out. You can also try professional counseling if needed. If you’re single and dating, you might want to think about working on yourself first. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.