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Why You Fail at Online Dating Russian Women

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t had much luck in online dating Russian women? You’ve followed every dating tip you’ve read online to help you to date Russian women successfully, but why isn’t it working? What could you be you doing wrong? Plenty of foreign men feel this way, and it could be because of the following reasons.

Online Dating Russian Women Will Be Easier After You Become Aware Of This

Lack-Luster Profile

Your profile is composed of your main picture plus everything that you’ve written about yourself. Your main picture will be the first thing that Russian ladies see so make sure you look good in your photo. It also must be a more recent photo of yourself. On the other hand, if you have a good photo, but have not put in a lot of effort into writing down specific details about yourself, a lot of ladies will just pass your online dating profile without taking a second look.

Work on it and make sure that the tips that you’re following are also recent! The online dating game is changing, and you have to change with it if you want to succeed at online dating Russian women.


The most common cause of ladies not replying is this – close-mindedness. If you don’t think you are so, double check the messages that you’ve sent to ladies or your previous conversations with ladies and see for yourself. You may not do it on purpose, but you may be showing yourself under a bad light by:

Saying the wrong thing.

Not understanding the Russian culture or the Russian way of thinking.

Saying something negative about anything Russian.

There are loads more! You also have to remember that not every Russian girl you meet online is looking for a sugar daddy. Do away with those stereotypes immediately.


If you want to succeed at online dating Russian women, you have to know what your intentions are before diving head first. Most men know that they want to meet gorgeous women from Russia, but they don’t know why exactly they want to do so. Is it for long-term relationships, is it for marriage or is it just for playing around? Most Russian girls don’t like the last reason as a majority of these ladies do online dating to find serious relationships. Make up your mind.


If you’re acting too desperate, it’s not going to be very attractive. Russian women want a man who is confident and secure with who he is, not the other way around. You see, Russian women view men as being the head of the family as well as the head o the relationship. This means that men who want to succeed in online dating Russian women need to show that they are strong and that they can take charge of any situation.

Be honest and assess yourself objectively. Assess the way you talk to Russian ladies and assess the way you present yourself, on top of changing your online profile. These changes may be small, but they may be your ticket to meeting plenty of Russian ladies online.

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