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Reasons Why It’s Fun to Date Russian Girls

Dating could be a fun experience especially if you start to date Russian girls. What’s so different, you ask? Many people may view them as cold ice queens but the opposite is actually true. We could think of a lot of reasons why it’s fun to date Russian girls but for now, we’re giving you seven.

Reasons Why To Date Russian Girls

1. More Romance in the Air

Believe it or not, Russian girls are hopeless romantics. They may want to take walks under the moonlight, visit parks and have romantic picnics with you and so on. On this note, you may have to step your game up a little and show her the charmer that you are. You think you have game? Here’s where you find out.

2. A Chance to Show of Chivalry.

Russian women are treated like Princesses by their fathers. Not  so much the rest of the Russian male population but enough about them. What she really wants to focus on is for you to be a “man” like her father. Open doors, allow her to walk on the safer side of the road, offer your jacket when she’s cold and etc. It’s in this way that you better yourself and impress her at the same time.

3. You’re the Lucky Guy

Another reason why its fun to date Russian girls is because they’re, most likely, the most beautiful women on earth. When you’re with your Russian beauty, you’ll be the lucky guy who got the girl wrapped around her arms. Lucky you!

4. Excitement Around Every Corner

Russian women have a passionate and unpredictable nature. She wants excitement and adventure and that will keep you on your toes. She’ll be game for whatever adventure you’d like to do. Of course, it doesn’t have to be excitement and adventure all the time. You can always stay in and watch a movie you’ll never get bored when a Russian woman is by your side.

5. Looks Don’t Count Much

Let’s be honest and admit the fact that you’re probably going for Russian girls because girls in your country only talk to boy who have six-packs. Well, there’s no need to worry about that when you’re asking a Russian girl out. They’ll talk to you even if you have a big belly.

6. Excellent Lovers

Have you heard of the rumors of Russian girls being excellent lovers? Well, it’s true. Once you’ve dug deep enough and uncovered a Russian woman’s core, it’ll be worth it. It’s not only physically but, as a man, she will understand how to take care of your needs – cook for you, clean and etc. That is if you can get to her core.

7. Straight Forward and Loving it

Here’s another one. It’s fun to date Russian girls because it’s simple. Imagine a relationship where there’s less melodrama. That’s totally possible when you’re with a Russian girl because she’s straight forward. If you’ve been asking yourself what you’ve done wrong in a relationship, you will know exactly because she’ll tell you. In fact, she’s so straightforward that if she falls out of love for you, she will be honest about it.