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Reasons Why Dating a Slavic Woman is Different

You’re decision to date only Slavic women for marriage from now on may be the best move you’ve ever done for your love life. “Why”, you ask? Well, dating a Slavic woman is very different because their priorities aren’t quite the same as the priorities of the women that you would normally go on a date with. They might just be the perfect candidates for females who are “wife material”. Here’s how different a Slavic woman’s point of view is.

Why Dating A Slavic Woman Is Different

#1: Family

Of all the priorities a Slavic woman has, the most important would be her family. Her love and constant connection with her family members will affect her career life, dating life, (future) marriage life and (future) family life. Yes, this may be too much for you but her family is that important to her and this works in your advantage if you’re planning to marry a Slavic woman. She’ll place as much importance on your future family, you can bet on that.

#2: Looking good

Another priority that you can bet on is her looks. Women in Slavic countries are very feminine because they are expected to look like women in their culture. Let us explain further, it’s unacceptable to wear just jeans and a t-shirt with your hair wrapped in a bun and no makeup, when going out. When dating a Slavic woman, you will notice that she will look pristine in all occasions and we do mean all occasions – this includes the occasional trip to the supermarket for some toilet paper.

#3: Acknowledging and Appreciating the Male presence

Are you used to dealing with females who act like they’re overly independent and who act like they do not need a man’s help? Say goodbye to that if you’re exclusively dating Slavic women. As mentioned earlier, women in Slavic countries are expected to be women and that doesn’t only include the outer appearance. It also includes the inner, more emotional aspect.

This means that she knows her role as a woman. She’s also not afraid of admitting that she needs a man’s help in specific areas of her life.

#4: Chivalry is not and should not be dead!

Any Slavic woman would appreciate a male presence in her life granted that this male presence exhibits modern day chivalry. This includes getting the tab, opening the door, buying the tickets, helping her to her seat, escorting her home or escorting her to her car and so on. She’ll be offended if you do not do this because it’s part of her culture and she’s used to Slavic men doing this for her all her life.

#5: Exclusive dating

Once you’ve decided on dating a Slavic woman, you have to pour all of your attention to her – only her. Automatically, it becomes exclusive when you’ve gone on three or five dates. Showing interest to another Slavic woman while in the process of wooing a current one is cheating. There’s a fine line so make sure that your a one-woman-man if you’re planning on dating a Slavic woman.

Is it good or bad?

How you view the difference of Slavic women may depend on your dating purpose. All we’re saying is they make great wives (not all of them, of course) or great partners because of their differences. If you have the right attitude or character to compliment these differences, then you’ve got yourself a (maybe) perfect union.