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Reasons Why You’re Not Dating The Woman You Want

In your dating life, it’s likely that you have felt a lot of disappointments. That’s understandable because we can’t always get the things that we want all the time, especially when it comes to love. We win some, we lose some, but have you ever wondered why you find it hard to date the woman you want?

You Have To Change Your Attitude To Date The Woman You Want

In most cases, the main reason why you have no luck in dating is because of your own attitude and baggage. When you change how you act and you become true to yourself and address your issues, you will do better. For example, you can work on the following:

Your Ego Is Getting In The Way

It’s alright to be confident, but when you put your ego first, it’s a different story. You will feel like everyone is not good enough for you, you get nitpicky, and you always complain about not meeting the right person. Don’t allow your ego to get in the way. Be humble and allow your flaws to remind you that you are also human.

Your Self-Worth Needs Work

This item is on the other end of the pole. Not having enough self-worth means that you don’t have enough confidence, and you do not see yourself valuable. You even probably think that you do not deserve to be loved. When you feel this way, it can cause you to settle when you are dating.

You’re Being Too Passive For The Woman You Want

When you don’t act excited, you don’t show your emotions, or if you put walls up so no one can come in and connect with you, the tendency is for you to be passive. No woman wants to be with a man who seems boring and unpassionate.

It’s going to take time to improve yourself, but you will get there eventually. You just have to be persistent about changing your attitude and adjusting your perspective. Once you do, you’ll attract the right woman, and most importantly, be the right man for that woman. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.