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Reasons Why It’s Better To Tell Your Secret Crushes To Your Partner

We are humans and we cannot help but admire other people. Sometimes, there is even the feeling of infatuation. We experience these secret crushes even when we are in a relationship. You should understand that having these crushes is alright and completely normal.

Tell Your Secret Crushes To Your Partner, You’d Be Surprised At What Will Happen

While it is not wrong to have a crush on somebody, a lot of times, secret crushes remain a secret, because partners feel guilty about having such feelings towards another person. Some experts, however, advise that it can be a good thing for a relationship when you reveal your secret crushes to your partner. Here are the reasons why:


Starting a conversation with the “I have a crush on…” statement is not a common occurrence in two people who are in a relationship. However, being open about it can completely transform your relationship and actually bring you closer together, not farther apart. When you get to talk to your partner about such a topic where both of you don’t take anything personally, your trust in each other actually becomes stronger. And, both of you can actually know more about your partner’s fantasies and maybe act on them, too. It’s more exciting that way.

Honesty and Integrity

Talking about our secret crushes could make the biggest difference in how much trust, safety, and intimacy you and your partner can experience with each other. It brings your relationship to a certain level of openness where you have nothing to hide. It’s actually quite liberating.

The Downside

There is also a disadvantage to this, especially if the crush is somebody you both know, like a good friend. There is a danger when your partner is quite insecure over this person. When you are in a gathering, your partner might become paranoid and watch your every move around this person. It can become grounds for a violent fight. If you decide to tell your partner about your secret crush, make sure that you also behave when the other person is around. Avoid flirting, even as a joke.

Knowing about each other’s secret crushes can be a fun conversation topic. Just make sure that your partner is ready to accept these other names in your relationship. If not, no matter how you reassure him or her, they might feel insecure. For more dating tips, make sure to read other posts on the blog.