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Real Signs That You’re In Love

A lot of romantic comedy movies suggest that you can easily tell if you’re in love. If you meet a girl, have a meaningful conversation, discover that you have five things in common, and feel the butterflies in your stomach, it is a done deal. But, could these be real signs that you have indeed fallen?

Signs You’re Really in Love

A relationship could start typically like your usual boy-meets-girl in a romantic comedy movie, but the real signs of falling in love go much deeper than just butterflies in your stomach. Anastasia – International gives you real signs that tell you you’ve fallen hard for someone:

1. You change your daily routine.

Our daily routine gives us a sense of security. Following it to a T makes us feel safe and stable. If you’re in love, you’re more willing to get out of your comfort zone. You break your usual habits, you get some new ones, and you’re open to trying out different things. You’re stepping out if your comfort zone and you’re happy to do so.

2. You mean it when you say you miss the person.

A lot of us have this habit of just telling our friends and family that we “miss” them even though we don’t mean it. We probably do this because we want to maintain a connection with them. When you’re in love, you tell the person you’re with that you miss them, but the word is not empty.

3. You don’t mind being annoyed by your loved one.

If you’re in love with someone, that person could do 100 annoying things every day and you would not mind. The feeling of being annoyed will still be there, but you’ll likely feel that it is part of a person’s playfulness.

4. You think about the future and not the past.

Talking about the future is a telltale sign that you are in love. And, it’s not just talking about what you’re going to do together next weekend. It’s serious talk about where you’re headed as a couple. You’re also not thinking about the past too much because you are focused on moving forward.

The Signs Indicate Deeper Connections

When you feel any of the four signs listed above, you’re seriously in love. You’re probably considering a future with this someone too. Do you have a special someone? How many signs have you seen in your relationship?

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