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You Have Real Commitment Issues When You Spot These Signs

How has your dating life been? If you haven’t had much luck for a long time, maybe it could mean that you have real commitment issues. It’s pretty common for the singles o this generation to have this kind of baggage, but how do you know for sure? And, how can you fix it?

Real Commitment Issues Come From Fear

Essentially, your commitment issues come from fear – fear of getting hurt again, or fear of not knowing what’s going to happen next. It’s fine because it’s a common fear to have especially if you have been hurt countless times. But, for you to be sure, watch out for the following signs:

1. You’re worried that you won’t have your freedom.

When you want to be in a serious relationship, you understand that you will give up some, not all, of your freedom because you’re going to accommodate another person in your life. This should be a non-issue with you because your partner will also be doing the same thing, and you both understand that this is what it takes to be in a relationship. You won’t experience the feeling of security with your freedom when you have commitment issues.

2. You have real commitment issues when you think your partner is demanding.

Any relationship can be demanding if you’re always thinking about your freedom. Even when you do usual things that you should be doing in a relationship, you still think that it’s too demanding on your side because you don’t want to do couple stuff in the first place, or you only want to do what’s convenient for you.

3. You’re still finding out who you are.

We all aren’t 100% sure of who we are as a person. But, if you have matured enough, you’ll have a good idea, and you will feel more secure about who you are. When you know who you are, you’ll also know what you want in life and in love.

If you confirmed that you have all three, then it is likely that you have real commitment issues. Go through each item and read the suggestions carefully. You may not be ready for a serious relationship yet. For more relationship tips and updates, read other posts on the blog.