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Questions Russian Girls Don’t Want To Answer Anymore

Have you ever had the experience of someone asking you too many questions that the situation became annoying? You might have experienced this at least once in your life time. How about someone asking you too many inappropriate questions that the situation is becoming very annoying? Think about that and you’ll know how Russian girls are feeling when you ask these questions.

What Russian Girls Don’t Want To Be Asked

Russian girls also have experiences like these because they get “hit on” very often. They’re beautiful, they’re bodies have an hourglass shape and they have a mist of mystery to them that men find challenging and intriguing so why wouldn’t they get hit on often? They actually love the attention as long as the attention giver is a gentleman. The problem is, like what we said earlier, the situation could get very annoying to a Russian girl if you do not ask the right questions.

In order for you to avoid this situation, we suggest that you avoid these 5 questions that we’ve compiled for you:

1. What accent is that?

Russian girls don’t like to hear this question because they don’t like that men guess their nationality. For example, men might ask this question followed by: “Are you French?” or “Are you German?” While there’s nothing wrong with being French or being German, Russian girls just don’t feel like playing the “Guess the Accent of the Chick to Impress Her” game.

Actually, there are a lot of girls who do not like this question, not just Russian women so it would be best to drop the act and revise your question.

2. Are you a Russian spy?

This question is very tacky and very cheesy. There’s nothing smooth about it. Although it may have worked several years back when James Bond films were all the rage, there are newer pickup lines to go with today. Update your pickup line vocabulary.

3. Do you like vodka?

Just because you find out that a girl is Russian doesn’t mean that she likes vodka automatically. It’s true that the majority of Russian people like to drink vodka but it’s a generalization that you’d rather stay away from.

4. Are you from Moscow or St Petersburg?

This seems like a harmless question. The problem is, there are a lot more places in Russia. Not just Moscow and St Petersburg. To ask a Russian girl if she’s from either of the two cities just shows that you have no knowledge of her country and that is not impressive. A simple, “Where are you from?” or “What city are you from?” would be much better.

5. Are all Russian girls blonde?

To answer this: It has to be a NO. Not all Russian girls are blonde. There’s a bigger number of blonde girls in Russia but there are brunettes and red heads. Again, this is another type of generalization which Russian women get tired of hearing. It’s like you’re talking to her and basing your topics on misconceptions and stereotypes.

Other Questions?

Now, there are a lot more questions that you need to avoid but if you paid any attention, you’ll be able to tell that there’s a common pattern that will tell you the kinds or types of questions to avoid. What is it?

Russian women, or any women for that matter, do not like to be generalized. Check back again for more helpful posts about Russian dating, the Russian culture and online dating.