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Questions To Ask Yourself When You Are Faced With Dating Rejection

Dating rejection is quite common. We are all keen to find our perfect match but not everyone we are interested in will be keen towards us. However, we must remember that it is okay to be rejected. Some of us just take it a bit harder than others.

Self-Assessing Questions That Will Help You Handle Dating Rejection

Rejection of any kind is bad. But, dating rejection seems to leave so much more trauma. If it is more often than you expect, then you need to ask yourself these self-assessing questions that might give you answers to your confusion:

1. What do I focus on? What I have or what I’m missing?

When we are happy and gratified with our lives, it shows in our actions and words. People who are confident appreciate what they have and know what they want. These people appear to be more attractive to the opposite sex.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity for the things you don’t have or haven’t achieved, look more into your life and start appreciating what you have. It will change your outlook and how you carry yourself.

2. What will it take to love myself?

If you don’t love yourself, it will show in your appearance and how you present yourself to other people. It is such a major turn off if all you talk about is how pitiful you are. Naturally, people will turn away from you.

3. Am I chasing after the right people?

It might be that you are asking for dates in the wrong places and asking the wrong people. They might be from a different league or share different interests. Probably, you should re-assess your priorities. Are you just after a fling or a long-term relationship?

4. Am I making a living or living my life?

People who know how to live their lives are more secure. Those who look at life as one dreary process also project the same dreariness to other people. Why would anyone want to date someone so down and about? You need to change your perspective on life, then love will follow.

Prevent dating rejection from happening again. Well, if it does happen, at least you know what to ask yourself so you can re-assess what’s wrong. Then, you can move towards the right direction. For more tips, read other posts from our blog.