Profile Confirmation on AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate Explains their Profile Verification Process

Profile Confirmation on AnastasiaDate

Member safety is something that AnastasiaDate takes very seriously. With over 20 million members, several measures are implemented to ensure that everyone that has entrusted the site by signing up, has a safe and wonderful experience while looking for their special someone.

This includes keeping a close eye on the activities that happen on the site on a daily basis and, perhaps one of the most important measures, ensuring that profile confirmation on AnastasiaDate is done with each lady who signs up.

The Process of Profile Confirmation on AnastasiaDate

Step 1: A lady who shows interest in becoming a member of would create a profile on the site. The profile would not be published live yet.

Step 2: A customer service representative would then conduct a profile confirmation on AnastasiaDate by contacting the lady.

Step 3: The lady would, then, have to provide her ID for the representative to check and confirm her identity.

Step 4: Next, questions are asked to verify the lady’s intentions of signing up to the site. These questions include:

  • Are you single?
  • Are you interested in communicating with our members?

Step 5: After checking all the requirements and details, the lady will be notified if she has been accepted into AnastasiaDate’s database.

After which, she can proceed to use the site for online dating. Another way for a member to be confirmed is via credit card payment. Because all of the potential members’ information will be found on the credit card, the member is automatically verified.

Additional Safety Measures

Although all members are verified, personal measures need to be done as well to ensure a safe online dating experience. Some of these measures include:

  • Not sending money to anyone who they’ve met online
  • Not divulging vital information like credit card numbers or social security numbers

These two safety measures are the most basic when it comes to online dating. It is the users responsibility to research more on other personal safety measures. Members will be able to find tips on AnastasiDate’s blog or here. One thing is for sure, however. AnastasiaDate is always willing to help in cases where members have been misled or misinformed. The following are scam reimbursements on Anastasia Date.

Scam Reimbursements

  1. A lady misidentifies herself. (For example, an agency uses her profile without her permission to communicate with you). We reimburse the costs you incurred in the communication with this lady.
  2. A lady requests money or expensive gifts from you. We reimburse the service costs you incurred with this lady and ban her forever.
  3. A lady deliberately misrepresents her details in her profile: age, kids, gender, marital status or language level. We reimburse the service costs you incurred with this lady and ban her forever.
  4. A client is robbed during our group tour. We reimburse the value of the theft.
  5. Gifts of flowers that were ordered through the system weren’t delivered. We reimburse the costs you incurred for flower delivery order.
  6. A lady refuses to meet a client through “Date Me” service after corresponding with him for more than five letters. We reimburse the service costs you incurred with this lady.