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If You Prefer Girls With Short Hair This Is Your Lucky Day

There are men who prefer girls with long hair, but there will always be those who would much rather date girls with short hair. Commonly, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, but some men seem to have a better impression with girls who like their locks above their shoulder or shorter.

Lovely Anastasia Date Girls With Short Hair

You see, men view short-haired women as confident, among other things. Not a lot of ladies sport short hairstyles so it’s something different from the crowd. This week, the ladies on our list definitely have stood out with their hairstyles that you may find to your liking:


Lyudmila 33 - Anastasia Date Lady

Can you guess what Lyudmila’s favorite hobby is just by looking at her? It’s actually any kind of sport. She loves practicing any kind of competitive sport, to be specific. And, that’s why she keeps her hair short. Do you think that you can beat her in a game of football or basketball?


Ekaterina 30 - Anastasia Date Lady

Ekaterina is a lovely young lady from the Ukraine. She likes to cut her hair short, according to her, because it makes her look more mature and sophisticated. She does seem like the kind of woman who exudes grace so the haircut is definitely working.


Anna 34 - Anastasia Date Lady

Anna says that she has sported short hair for as long as she can remember. To her, it’s easier to maintain. The hairstyle also allows her other features to pop up. Her eyes, for example, are more accentuated without a lot of hair bothering her face. Do you think Anna’s short hair makes her eyes pop?


Elena 26 - Anastasia Date Lady

Next on our list is the pretty and sweet Elena. She’s a woman who is very driven in her career. She says that she always works hard every day. However, what she would really like to do is some charity work. She mentions that she is most happy when she shares her time to help other people.


Alena 20 - Anastasia Date Lady

The person completing our list is Alena who is donning a platinum colored, short, hairstyle. She said during an interview that she has big plans for herself but would like to share those plan with someone special.

Aren’t these girls just breath-taking? Remember that you can know more about the ladies by clicking their names and visiting their profiles. We will have more lists for you soon! In the meantime, check out our blog for lists we have already done.