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Surprisingly, These Positive Personal Characteristics Turn Women Off

We think that doing good and being good is what women are looking for. It is half true but according to research, there are positive personal characteristics that are actually a turn off for women. Could this be why nice guys finish last when dating online or offline?

Not All Of Your Positive Personal Characteristics Pay Off When Dating

While we try to work to our good traits like self-esteem and confidence, there are two specific positive personal characteristics to avoid. This is actually a result of a study conducted in Australia:

Being Too Clever

Women like intelligent men because they are articulate, confident, and, mostly, successful in their careers. However, it seems that when one is too clever, it can be a turn-off. It is not that women like mediocre men, but maybe it is because some of the most intelligent men can be critical, demanding, or haughty. If this is the case, the woman would find herself always being belittled, like she is the lesser party in the relationship.

Being Too Easy Going

Meanwhile, women do like partners who are relaxed and easy-going. These are men who can adapt to changes in situations quickly and are not easily angered. However, too much of everything is just not good. When one is too easy going, it gives the impression that the man is not very responsible and may be a procrastinator. He may not even be successful in his career because he is not very diligent with work. This kind of man will not give the woman a sense of security.

On Looks

In another light, we might think that good looks are the key to everything. However, on the contrary, women also take a step back when the man is too handsome and also requires too much beauty maintenance.

In the study, it just goes to show that even positive personal characteristics can become too much. They can already be a turn off in dating. You just might have to make some adjustments. If you are really intelligent, reinforce your attitude with humility. If you are too easy going, maybe you need to make some effort. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.