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Portuguese Girls More Intoxicating Than A Glass Of Wine

Port wine (also known as Vinho do Porto) is a Portuguese fortified wine that is produced exclusively in the Douro Valley, in the north of Portugal. It’s a sweet, red wine that is consumed all over the world. Other places in the world produce wines that resemble Port, but only the product from Portugal may be labeled as Port or Porto wine. Now you know all about Port, let’s move on to something that’s even sweeter and more intoxicating: Portuguese girls.

These Portuguese Girls Are Sweet And Strong, Like Their Country’s Wine

We’re in the heart of the summer, and today we are taking you to one of the most beautiful summer destinations: Portugal. We won’t show you the country’s wonderful beaches, mention its world-famous Port wine or talk about how friendly its people are. We will show you some of the prettiest Portuguese girls, who will win your heart with their fresh looks and amazing personalities.


The first of the Portuguese girls on this list, Laria.
Laria is loving, loyal and luminous.

We’re starting the list of Portuguese girls with a lady from Lisbon, Laria. The 22-year-old describes herself with 3 adjectives beginning with L: loving, loyal and luminous. Her motto is that a woman has to be well mannered, and she’s always trying to improve her skills. Laria also says she’s chatty and the heart of a company. In her free time, the administration student enjoys being with friends or hiking, cycling, swimming of reading. The gorgeous brunette is looking for a true gentleman, who’ll be honest and dedicated and who will never let her feel lonely.


A pretty addition to the Portuguese girls list.
Lecia says she’s rather use her head than her heart – can you change her mind?

In the second place of this list, we meet a 27-year-old marketer, Lecia. Lecia describes herself as down-to-earth and pragmatic, adding that she would rather use her mind than her heart. However, she says she’d do anything to make those she loves happy. In her spare time, the tall girl likes to clean her apartment and make sure everything’s in order, but she also does yoga regularly and can’t imagine her life without music. For Lecia, the ideal man has a clear idea about the kind of future he wants; he needs to be honest, sensible and generous to his family.


Magdalena is in the third spot of the Portuguese girls list.
The only blonde of this list is bubbly Magdalena.

Right in the middle of our list, we meet our only blonde for today: Magdalena. The fresh-faced lady is just 23 years old and she works as a manicurist. She is friendly and kind, adventurous, curious, cheerful, faithful and sincere. In her leisure time, Magdalena loves to keep active, either by going to the gym or by going on excursions to different places of historic significance and to exhibitions. If you are a romantic, caring, respectful and passionate kind of guy, who has an open heart and leads a healthy way of life, you are in with a chance to win this lovely girl’s heart.


Liliana is the penultimate girl on the Portuguese girls list.
Liliana says she’d rather hear a bitter truth than a sweet lie.

In the fourth place of our Portuguese girls’ list, there’s Liliana, a beautiful 22-year-old from Lisbon. Liliana is a true fan of honesty. In fact, she says she’d rather hear a bitter truth than a sweet lie. She describes herself as both romantic and realistic, and a person who doesn’t care much about what society says, preferring to listen to her heart and be impulsive. In her free time, the Law student likes to pour her emotions to her drawing and also loves listening to music. When it comes to men, Liliana knows for sure the things she doesn’t like. She hates people who make big promises that are not kept and men who always think they are right.


Raquel is in the last spot of today's Portuguese girls list.
Raquel is not looking for a perfect partner- she finds perfection boring.

In the ultimate post of this list, we meet a lovely 20-year-old lady: Raquel. This natural beauty is kind, easy going, shy, calm and honest. In her spare time, the sweet cosmetologist enjoys being both indoors and outdoors. She likes practicing sports, traveling and walking, but she also enjoys cooking, reading books, watching movies, drawing, and making toys of wool. When it comes to the ideal partner, Raquel finds perfection boring. She doesn’t mind a difficult character, but she draws the line at people who are lazy, dishonest and silly.

We hope you loved this list of Portuguese girls, maybe enjoying it with a glass of fine Port wine. You can find more lists here, or browse on many more amazing Eastern European ladies’ profiles on AnastasiaDate. See you next week.