Meet these Polish girls, varied and interesting as their country.

Are Polish Girls The Prettiest Among Slavic Beauties?

Poland is one of the most interesting European countries, combining a very varied natural landscape with flatland on the one hand and the Carpathian mountain range on the other. It is also a place where one can enjoy life both in an urban and a rural environment. Polish girls are as varied and interesting as the country’s landscape. Today, AnastasiaDate hosts 5 of the prettiest among them, and it’s up to you to decide if they are the prettiest among all Slavic nations. It will be tough, we know.

Learn More About Five Of The Prettiest Polish Girls Around

Today’s Irresistible Five list is dedicated to Polish ladies that are equally beautiful as they are clever, sophisticated, passionate about life, and cultured.


25-year-old Sofiya is the first on our Polish girls list today.
Blonde bombshell Sofiya is looking for someone as goal-oriented and active as her.

The first on our list of Polish girls is bubbly blonde Sofiya. The 25-year-old beauty may originally come from Ukraine, but she currently lives in Poland, where she works as a manager. In her free time, Sofiya enjoys being around her friends and meeting people. She is also into diving and outdoor activities. Her dream is to find “a good man to share the joy of life with”, in her own words.


22-year-old Irina is ready to start a family when she finds the right companion.
Irina is a 22-year-old journalist with a strong desire to start a family.

The second Polish beauty on today’s list is breath-taking Irina. Irina describes herself as “a real woman with an attractive appearance, a very beautiful soul and a true heart that longs to belong to (her) soul mate.” In her spare time, the young journalist with the piercing green eyes loves practicing yoga, swimming, keeping fit, and enjoying nature. Ideally, the tall beauty would like to find an older, strong and experienced man who will not be afraid to express his feelings.


26-year-old Ekaterina from Warsaw is the third entry on our Polish girls list.
Beautiful Ekaterina is a positive person who believes in miracles and true love.

Halfway through our list, we meet stunning Ekaterina from Warsaw. This 26-year-old administrator says she loves family life but doesn’t see why it should be boring. She is all about enjoying life, as for Ekaterina the one thing that matters at the end of our lives is our memories; this is why she is always on the move and loves evolving. Her ideal partner would be honest, active, generous, loving and optimistic with whom she’ll share the same ideals and beliefs.


Sweet Julianna is a happy, honest, tender and sensitive girl.
Cute blonde Julianna says she’d rather let you discover more about her personality.

The penultimate entry to our Polish girls list is a blonde lady with expressive blue eyes, Julianna. The 26-year-old lady is modest, but describes herself as “a happy girl, honest, tender and passionate” and promises you’ll discover more when you get to know her. She has diverse interests, like reading, horseback riding, traveling, swimming, cooking, watching movies, listening to pop and rock music and walking under the moonlight. She is looking for a funny, active, caring and loving kind of man.


Juliya is a 21-year-old beauty who is attracted by a man's intellect.
Sweetheart Juliya, is a 21-year-old girl with both an artful and a practical mind.

We are already at the end of our list, but we won’t go before we meet a pretty 21-year-old economist, Juliya. The lovely brunette has 2 sides: the practical mind of an economist and the soul of a musician. She loves to play the piano, write stories, keep fit, read poetry and watch science programs. Juliya is attracted to a man’s mind, and she also wants to find someone with a great sense of humor. Ideally, her life partner should be someone with whom she can discuss anything.

Like a vodka shot, so our Irresistible Five list was enjoyable but had to end quicker than we’d like it to. For the chance to read more about today’s Polish girls, click on their profile name, or you can enjoy our previous lists here.