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Is Playing It Cool A Good Dating Tactic?

We have employed plenty of bad and good dating tactics in our lifetime. We cannot deny it. We already know what works for us and what doesn’t. However, have you tried playing it cool in one of your dates? We’ve all heard that suggestion of “playing hard to get”, but is this really a good dating tactic? Will it work in today’s dating scene?

Will Playing It Cool Be A Good Dating Tactic In The Modern Dating Scene?

Sometimes, being chill in life is good because it removes the unnecessary stress that could lead to ailments. However, being chill may not be a good dating tactic, especially if you are just pretending to be “the cool guy or gal”.
There should be a certain reservation while you are still starting to get to know each other. But, it is not wise to keep playing it chill, especially if your heart already wants to jump out of your chest.

Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Be “Chill” When Dating

Just to set the record straight, being “chill” is exactly like playing hard to get. You don’t show off a lot of emotion to your date. Nor do you show that you are really determined to be in a relationship. You mask your eagerness because you want to appear cool.

The truth is, you are not giving off a positive or vibrant energy. You might come across as unemotional. In the same way, you could appear dense. It’s simply not a good dating tactic.
If you think about it, your date wants warmth and feelings in a relationship. If you are too chill, he or she might think that you are not capable of any affection at all. And, that’s not healthy.
If you are still testing the waters, it may be good to be reserved but not overly chill while having just a few dates. But as you gradually get to know each other, there should be some warming up. You have to invest into a relationship to make it grow.
A good way for you to show the right amount of warmth would be to match your partner’s and not overextend yourself. So, the bottom line is if you really like someone, it’s best that you show your emotions but not totally. Playing or pretending to be cool might have been a good dating tactic before, but if it’s a serious relationship you want today, you have to show genuine interest.
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