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This Personal Trait Is Keeping Us From Dating Successfully

By now, you’re probably thinking that you should already be the special person you’ve been dreaming about. But, that’s not the case. Why you still single? You may answer this in different ways. But, commonly, most of us feel that we are not dating successfully because of various surface pressures.

Dating Successfully Comes After We Look From Looking Within Ourselves

We can blame everything that’s happened in our lives for our lack of dating success. However, the first place that we should be looking at is within ourselves. We need to start from within because most of us are self-sabotaging. Having this trait means that we:

1. Believe That We Don’t Deserve Happiness

Usually, we see the pattern that forms within our lives. For example,  something really wonderful could be happening to us right now.  A few months later, this something wonderful is taken away. If this is the pattern you usually see in your life, then you’re not going to see the good in every situation because you believe in the pattern.

2. Don’t Trust The People Around Us

We’ve been hurt so many time in our life which results in us putting up walls. We don’t let people in, and we firmly believe that they will leave eventually. This has been happening all our lives so we know that the situation is inevitable. We don’t usually take relationships seriously because of our fear of getting hurt.

3. Are Always Looking For Something Better

Whenever we’re in a relationship, there’s this aching thought in our mind. What if there’s something better for me? When you’re in a bad relationship, it’s normal to think this way. However, this becomes toxic when everything is perfectly fine, but this thought is still stuck in your head.

If we fix these beliefs, we can definitely look forward to meeting people in a positive way. Fixing our self-sabotaging trait doesn’t guarantee that we will be dating successfully. However, what we’ll have is a better understanding of ourselves, of people, and of relationships. Eventually, we will find the right person for us because of our attitude. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.