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Personal Data Protection

Data Protection on Dating Sites

Most people don’t think about how their personal information can be copied or collected when signing up to dating sites, or any other site, for that matter. The site you’re signing up to needs to have a solid security system to detect any phishing or any threat to your personal data. Many of us don’t place importance on data safety, but it’s time that our eyes open up to it, especially when online dating.

Possible Techniques Scammers Use to Phish on Dating Sites

To clue you in on how scammers get our information through dating sites and other sites, here are a couple of techniques they use:

  • Phishing via Correspondence – one way a person can get your personal information is through messaging or chatting online. Usually, this message or chat would tell you to fill up a form or to reply with your personal details. This message needs to be sent asap as it is urgent. Some messages contain links that you need to click on to, most commonly, complete verification of an account.
  • Phishing through Website Activity – these scammers can be bright sometimes. To get your personal data, they carefully monitor the activities you do on the dating site you’ve signed up to, and they mimic these activities. For example, sending you emails about ladies who are interested in meeting you, but your details are required to continue to the ladies’ profiles.
  • Malware and Trojans – These are viruses that plant themselves into your computer. They collect data for the scammers without you knowing it. You get these viruses from suspicious links and suspicious automatic downloads.

And, these are only three techniques. Scammers have lots more, and the techniques are getting more creative to get users to believe that they don’t need data protection.

What do Scammers do with our Data?

Why do scammers to this, in the first place? There are plenty of reasons. They can commit crimes using your identity, or they can use your credit card number or bank details to purchase stuff off of the internet or off of anywhere. That is why phishing is so rampant, and a good number of us still fall for it.

Data Protection on

If you’ve signed up to AnastasiaDate, you don’t have to worry about your personal data leaking onto the internet nor do you have to worry about your information being phished while on the site. Different measures for data protection are applied, and the site’s activities are always monitored. Here’s a helpful video to let you know how AnastasiaDate does data protection for its members:

How its done

  • McAfee Security – a security software that monitors and checks if your system is vulnerable. It will consistently check that status of your firewall, antivirus, and it scans your web history and objects currently running in memory for malware.
  • Norton by Symantec – which is an anti-virus software. Primarily, it uses signatures and heuristics to identify viruses, but it does have other features which include e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection.
  • Verisign – which provide a means to verify the security of the payments on the dating site.

So now, you see that you’re in good hands with