Our partners' annoying habits described in one British survey.

Partners’ Annoying Habits Everybody Hates: Do You Do These Things?

Once the honeymoon phase of our relationships ends, we all slowly but surely start to realize that our partners may, indeed, not be the flawless god-like creatures we took them for. This is when the so-called “pet hates” start to appear, making our partners’ annoying habits almost insufferable.

Do You Agree With The Things Brits Cited As Their Partners’ Annoying Habits?

When your significant other makes the dreaded question “Is there anything you dislike about me?” do you tell them the truth, or choose the more diplomatic “Everything about you is perfect, babe”?

In one survey featured Britons (846 women and 827 men) candidly described the things that irritate them the most about their partners. Even though some of their answers were common, you will find that men and women’s replies tended to differ. Let’s have a closer look.

The Ladies’ Habits Men Find Annoying

The thing men in Britain regard as the worst of their partners’ annoying habits is spending too much time on their phones (17%), followed closely by the large amounts of time they spend getting ready (15%) and smoking (14%).  The fourth most off-putting habit of British women is described as drinking excessively (11%) and gossiping about their friends and family (10%). The sixth habit that annoys British men is their girls’ obsession with their looks (8%), and the seventh is overspending in shopping (6%). A small but not negligible 5% seems to mind about their ladies’ obsession with taking photos, and a 4% of them dislike how much wardrobe space they take (they do need to store all these things they shop, right?). In the 10th place of the complaints list is British girls’ foul mouth, with a small 2% reporting swearing as an annoying habit of their S.O.

Male Habits Women Strongly Dislike

When it comes to women’s complaints about their partners’ annoying habits, their number one nemesis seems to be smoking, with more than one fourth of British ladies (26%) reporting it. The second most hated male habit is forgetting or canceling plans (19%), followed by betting (14%) and excessive drinking (11%). The fifth most off-putting habit for ladies is their guys’ obsession with sport and the sixth is their selective hearing. A very male habit is at number 7 on the list of male habits that annoy girls, with “leaving the toilet seat up” reported as off-putting by 5% of the women taking part in the survey. In the eighth place, they have cited bad driving (3%), followed by the not-very-charming flatulence (2%) in the ninth spot and even more toilet issues: taking ages in the toilet (1%) in the last one.

Did you imagine these would be the strongest complaints made by partners of one gender regarding the other? Are they also you current or previous partners’ annoying habits? Have you thought about your own annoying habits, maybe? No one is perfect, so we should embrace our loved ones as they are – provided they also accept the true us, our flaws included.