Emotionally Unavailable

Is Your Partner Emotionally Unavailable?

It is hard to be in a relationship with someone you love, but you don’t feel loved or nurtured at all. Not all of our romantic relationships will be perfect, but we must try our best to make them into the kind of relationship we want. However, doing this is going to be a challenge when your partner is emotionally unavailable.

Emotionally Unavailable People Give Off These Signs

How would you know that your partner is emotionally unavailable in the first place? How would you know that your problems in your relationship is caused by this unavailability and not by anything else? You have to watch out for these signs:

1. There Is No Vulnerability

Your partner is not showing his or her vulnerable side. They don’t tell you their problems, or they don’t even share whatever small misfortune they had during their day. In their mind, sharing such information is a sign of weakness. They will never be weak before you because they have this unconscious fear of getting hurt all over again.

2. An Emotionally Unavailable Partner Uses Humor Or Story-Telling

When you want to talk about difficult things, your partner diverts the entire topic through humor or telling a funny story. They don’t want to discuss anything that can cause intense emotions like sadness or anger. They would just rather avoid the situation or topic altogether.

3. You’re Not Supported Emotionally

If you feel alone in your relationship, then it’s likely that your partner is emotionally unavailable. Chances are your partner will not be supporting you emotionally because they don’t know how to handle situations where you have to confront your emotions head-on. It might seem like he or she is listening sometimes, but ultimately, they don’t know how to act or what to say when you are emotional.

All of these signs point to a partner who is emotionally unavailable. You have to understand that your relationship will not progress because of this obstacle. You have to solve this as a couple, that is if your partner is willing to change. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself stuck in a relationship that’s not fulfilling. For more tips about relationships and dating, read other posts on the blog.