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Being Overly Affectionate Will Do This To Your Relationship

Passion and affection are two important factors in a relationship. These are things that separate friendships from being romantically involved with a person. However, being overly affectionate at the onset of a relationship also has its downsides. It may be a sign that the romance is just the whirlwind kind.

Slow It Down Instead Of Being Overly Affectionate

There is such a thing as too much of everything. And, being overly affectionate at the beginning of a relationship is one of those things. It could be a symptom of a problem. Most of us don’t really see too much affection is a problem, but you may want to review these points:

Overcompensating For A Lack

It could be any underlying reason – a lack of trust or anything else that can hurt the relationship badly. So, one partner takes the initiative to sweep the other in passion. That way, whatever is lacking gets smothered, covering up whatever is missing. However, the feelings and the passions do not last long. Eventually, it will give way and the original problems shrouded by affections will just re-surface.

Passion Is Built Over Time

Real and lasting affection is built over time. It grows as you get to know each other better. It’s not like a tidal wave that goes up with force and then wanes into the horizon. While relationships mostly start with physical attraction, the intensity of the passion should increase over a considerable period in order to be sustainable – not just overnight.

Long-Term Relationships Are Not Just About Affection

We all have to realize that long-term relationships are not just about affection. As time passes you by, you will see that physical attraction and passion is just a small part of relationships. Looking at the partnership from a bigger perspective, you will see that it involves commitment, decisions, trust, communication, stability, respect, and of course, devotion and love.

Passion is one of the best things in a relationship because it makes us feel good. However, that is not the sole determining factor in the success of a relationship. You will realize that a partner who is being overly affectionate may not exactly be what it’s cut out to be. A steady growing relationship will also grow in affection eventually. For more Anastasia Date tips, check out the rest of our blog.