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How To Overcome A Situationship Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We’ve already talked about the state of situationship, that uncomfortable state that is neither a proper relationship nor a one-night-stand thing. If it’s the end of this kind of relationship that’s causing you pain, here is how to overcome a situationship based on your zodiac sign.

The Best Way To Overcome A Situationship Depending On Your Star Sign

Whether you are a staunch believer that our zodiac signs determine how we act, or just like reading your star sign columns every day for the fun of it, this is how our zodiac signs can help us deal with the heartbreak caused by a relationship that was just not meant to be. Find your own sign and your own way to get over that almost-relationship today.


As fast as it sinks in that what you had was never going to be a real relationship, you decide there’s no time to waste. An Aries will fill his schedule with all sorts of activities (rock climbing, anyone?), leaving no moment to himself so as to avoid feeling sorry for himself or being hurt for too long.


Being the stubborn person you are, the moment you realize it’s a no-hope situation, you break all ties. You unfriend, unfollow, delete and block – there is no going back. If she didn’t think you were good enough for her, you sure as hell don’t think she’s worth your time anymore.


You ask yourself if it was what YOU wanted anyway. You realize that it wasn’t. You smile to yourself with some sort of satisfaction for having tried it anyway and decide to remain friends with her. You can never have enough friends (and you never know when you may have the chance to get back at her for ending things).


Once you get over the original shock, you can’t resist looking through the evidence of the end approaching. You wonder how come you didn’t see it before and start searching for the clues that should lead you to the root of the problem. Only when you know what went wrong exactly will you be able to find peace of mind and overcome a situationship completely.


There is no way a proud Leo is going to grieve over someone who failed to appreciate his magnificent personality and all he had to give. Yes, it stung being dumped, but it’s over now. It’s onwards and upwards to bigger and better things for Leos. (If you do a little cry, you’ll do it when nobody’s watching, of course).


Sensible and practical Virgos will probably make a list of the reasons why the situationship was never going to work anyway, and another one with their dreams and aspirations for the future. They will, then, fold the former list and place it in the bin. Time to focus on the ways to realize those dreams.


As a Libra you want to do your best to be objective and unbiased, looking for the things you may have done wrong. When you take stock of the situation, you realize it wasn’t really what you needed anyway because you needed the stability of a serious relationship and you never got it. So you decide to keep the lessons learned and be a better partner in your next relationship.


Passionate Scorpions will most likely take their time to grieve over their shattered dream of a full-on relationship and will absolutely blame themselves for opening their hearts and being too vulnerable in the almost-relationship they had. It might take some time, but you will come out of it much wiser, if a little more suspicious too.


When the end of a situationship comes, you are quite relieved because now you have more time to go after that new girl you had your eye on all along. Besides, you most probably had a few other situationships going all at the same time, so there’s no time to bother. You value your independence and freedom way too much to care for a committed relationship anyway.


Capricorns like to focus on the positive side of things and see how they can improve their lives as much as possible. This is why a Capricorn is most likely to see the situationship as the necessary stepping stone to a real, serious relationship and to get over it quite quickly.


Men of the Aquarius sign are deep thinkers and sensitive. This is why they will struggle a little bit in coping with the breakup from an almost-relationship. They will probably blame themselves for not asking for what they needed and deserved, and they’ll feel hurt for quite some time after the breakup. However, they are also most likely to be open and to love wholeheartedly again as soon as they overcome a situationship.


If you belong to the zodiac sign of Pisces, you are an imaginative and deeply emotional person. These are amazing traits, but hardly ones that will help you move on. You are going to imagine all the possible ways to get back together and feel hurt for having invested so much in a relationship you thought was deep. There’s only one way to get over the hurt: you need to fall deeply in love with someone else A.S.A.P.

We hope we’ve shed some light on how you could overcome a situationship based on your zodiac sign – or that you’ve, at least, had fun reading this article.