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Online Dating Rules You Didn’t Know Existed

The online dating game has changed with all the developments that happened over the past years. Because the game has changed, you already know that the online dating rules have changed too. For example, the rules that tell you how to make your profile on a dating app might be different from the rules that tell you how to build your profile on a dating site.

Unspoken Online Dating Rules You Need To Know

Luckily, AnastasiaDate makes it a point always to be updated about any change that happens in the online dating industry. You can check out more posts on our blog if you want to know the different online dating rules that are applicable today. But, for this post, we’re going to focus more on the unspoken rules that many online daters don’t even know existed:

Unspoken Rule #1: Be More Specific

The first unspoken rule on this list has to do with being specific when building your dating profile. You can’t expect to catch people’s attention by saying “I like to listen to music” because everybody does. But, if you say “I like listening to acid jazz,” that’s something other acid jazz lover can relate to.

Unspoken Rule #2: My Friend Says That I Am…

Continuing our list is the unspoken online dating rule that says you should never put “I asked my friend to describe me, and he/she said…” on your dating profile because you’re going to come off as a person who is not capable of thinking about himself and writing his own profile.

Unspoken Rule #3: Modesty Is A No-No

Being too modest when you compose your dating profile, or when you talk to a woman online is a big no-no because it comes off as a lack of self-esteem. “I’m not good at doing this or that” does not sound very attractive.

Unspoken Rule #4: Forget About Boasting

Boasting isn’t better than modesty. You have to be confident, yes, but boasting is just another factor that turns women off. It’s not so much about the things you say as it is about how much you say it. If you talk about yourself all the time it’s going to come off wrong sooner or later.

Unspoken Rule #5: Playing Hard To Get As Well As Other Mind Games Do Not Work Anymore

Last on this list is playing hard to get, along with other mind games, like not calling the next day, waiting for three days to return a text messages and so on. In today’s online dating scene, you have to be a go-getter. If you like a person, it’s not so bad to wear your heart on your sleeve. Just don’t overdo it.

Do you agree with the unspoken rules we’ve listed here? There are a few more that we didn’t include, but these ones are the main ones you should be memorizing. Again, you can check out more posts to read about new online dating rules, dating tips and more. Don’t forget to visit AnastasiaDate if you don’t have an online date yet.