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Online Dating Email Tips You Have To Learn Today

Have you ever thought about improving your emailing skills? It might sound like something that’s beneficial for you professionally, but composing a good email will bring you success in other areas of life as well. More specifically, it might be the key to getting you more online dates. This is why you’re going to need these dating email tips.

Dating Email Tips To Improve Your Online Love Life

First off, let’s admit to the fact that we all write in a sloppy manner. We have to do away with this habit when we are composing an email to our potential online date. The dating email tips that we are going to list down focuses on giving your emails more organization and better content:

1. Use Punctuation Loosely

You need to remember that emailing is not like texting. You have to use whole words with the correct punctuation. Let’s try an example: How are you today? Were you serious about your dog being all active? I have a dog like that too…What are your plans this weekend?

If you analyze the lines above, they may not be detrimental but try this instead: Hi. Were you serious about your dog being all active? – It’s short, simple and not overwhelming because there aren’t a lot of punctuation marks.

2. Structure And Organize

We usually want to say a million things through email but it’s not a good idea. Make sure that your ideas are concise and that they are separated into paragraphs. This way, your email is easy to read.

3. Sell Yourself

How do you sell yourself through email? Well, mention something interesting that you’re doing. For example, “That’s it for now. I have to go to John Legend’s concert in a bit.”

By mentioning something interesting, you’re opening up the topic for further discussion. Your date’s going to likely ask you about the concert next time.

These dating email tips are just small changes that you can make. Despite them being small tweaks, they can impact your dating life greatly. Use them wisely and then let us know what the result is. For more tips on how to improve your online dating experience, read more of our blog.