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Is Online Dating The Best Way To Get Over Heartbreak?

How do you get over heartbreak? It’s a difficult question to answer because one solution might not be ideal for everybody. It’s not a one-size-fits all deal, but, commonly, our friends would tell us to jump into the dating scene, once again, so the next person we meet can distract us from our current heartache.

You Need A Rebound To Get Over Heartbreak

In other words, our friends are telling us that we, the broken heart-ed, need a rebound. Yes, it’s kind of mean because a rebound, in case you did not know, is a person you date so don’t feel so bad about your last breakup. Commonly, because one person in the relationship is emotionally unstable, the relationship with a rebound person doesn’t last long.

That sounds absolutely cruel, but a study made in 2014 revealed that people who engaged in new relationships not too long after their break up had more confidence in how desirable they were. These people even felt that the issues they had with their former fling were somewhat resolved. This was done by researcher Claudia C. Brumbaugh of Queens College in New York, and you can read the full study here.

Consider These Tips First

Despite the seemingly positive impact, Dr Nikki Goldstein, sexologist and author of #Singlebutdating, says that there are still consequences from your decision to go back into the dating scene prematurely.  We really do want the best of both worlds. It’s like we want to get over heartbreak but we don’t want to hurt anybody. We have the following suggestions:

  • Before you decide, make sure that you are in a place where the level of pain you feel is acceptable. The more intense the pain, the higher the amount or quality of attention you need from your online date.
  • Once you’ve figured out tip #1, go ahead and start online dating. Flirt with a few people, but don’t hint them into thinking that you are looking for a relationship.
  • Be aware of how you are feeling and acting. It’s easy to get very emotional when you are hurt, but you need to draw the line somewhere if you are not yet ready to commit.

The bottom line is that you can get over heartbreak through online dating. You can’t really call it a rebound relationship when you are open to telling people you meet online that you are not ready for such. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think? For more dating and relationship tips, make sure you check out more of our posts on our blog.