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Top Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Any Responses From Online Dates

Going on dates online can be easy and it can also be a lot of fun. All you do is chat or call through your phone or computer with video. However, there are people who do not experience success in this area. Commonly, a majority of us send out so many messages without getting any replies from our online dates.

Why Aren’t We Getting Any Replies From The Online Dates We’ve Contacted?

Could it be our profile? Could it be the way we worded our messages that are hindering us from getting replies? There are plenty of factors to look into, but the three listed below are the most common:

They Weren’t That Interested In The First Place

Maybe your date was just polite so he or she was able to carry a good conversation throughout the night. But, it might be that he or she isn’t as interested in you as you hoped. You might have been too hopeful – hoping to get the most wonderful reply. While it’s rude not to respond, don’t take it too personally. Just shrug it off. This will save you from a lot of misery and frustration.

They Realized That You Have a Lot of Expectations

Sometimes, you get too interested in a person that you hint to spending more time with him or her long-term. That is a big turn off for someone who is just out to have fun at the moment. You are giving them the impression that you are expecting a lot, it is probably scaring them off.

This is actually a good thing. You have to be honest, although not too honest. If a person isn’t looking for a long-term relationship and you are, it’s best to part ways.

They Are Busy

Sometimes, the reason for not replying is simple – your online date is busy. It’s also possible that they are trying to think up of an appropriate reply but they keep getting distracted at work. And here you are, feeling miserable when all you really needed to do was be patient.

When online dates do not progress, the best thing to do is to let it go. You can wait a bit but if you wait longer than a week, it’s really time. Do not let it affect you too much. Play it cool. Just continue with your life and be productive. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.