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It’s Normal To Have These Fights At The Start Of A Relationship

When two people first start dating, it’s easy to assume that every day will be smooth sailing. At the start of a relationship, maybe yes. But, as time goes by, and as the two people progress in their relationship, both will see that it takes hard work to keep everything together. There will be fights, big and small, and it’s normal.

At The Start Of A Relationship, All Couples Go Through These Quarrels

You have to understand that there’s no perfect relationship. No matter how close a couple seems to be, there’s always going be something that they argue about. Don’t worry because going through hardships is a process that all developing relationships go through. Some of the common fights are as follows:

1. Setting Boundaries At The Start Of A Relationship

It’s hard for two people to be in a relationship, sometimes, because you are no longer your own person. You have to accommodate another person into your life. But, you have to set boundaries. This is something that a lot of couples skip on, without even realizing that it can cause friction.

2. Clean Up After Yourself

There’s always one person in the relationship that wants things in a certain way. He or she is so set in his or her own way that a dirty towel on the floor could be very annoying. If you really think about it, cleaning is something very menial or unimportant. But, it can cause a whole lot of small fights if the chores are not divided or one person is lazy.

3. Where Does Everything Go?

Just like cleaning up after one’s self, another pet peeve that a lot of couples have is not putting things in the right place. It’s normal, especially if the couple hasn’t adjusted to each others’ habits yet. Eventually, if the two people in the relationship have already settled in, this fight won’t happen anymore.

If you noticed, most of the common fights that couples have at the start of a relationship aren’t even that deep. Some are even trivial. If you get through these small fights that commonly take place at the start of a relationship, you’ll emerge stronger, giving your relationship the best chance of making it. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.