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New Year’s Eve Date Ideas For Online Partners

Everybody can spend the New Year’s Eve with the person they love. Even online partners can do it. Despite the miles, it’s still possible to have a memorable New Year’s Eve date through video calling.

The Online Partners Guide To Spending The New Year’s Eve Together

However, what exactly should you do to commemorate the day before the New Year begins? Here are a few date ideas to make your time together as online partners more memorable:

1. Board Game

As you are doing a video call, why not pass the time by playing a board game? If you or your partner is competitive, then it’s going to be loads of fun. Either way, playing a board game as you do a video call will make your New Year’s Eve a day to remember.

2. Meal Prep

You are miles apart, but this shouldn’t stop you from cooking together. However, you and your partner should both be in a reasonable time zone. For example, if it’s around 7pm your time, you can cook together with your partner if it is around 9am his or her time. And, not two o’clock in the morning.

3. A List Of Couple Goals

Another date idea that you can try is making a list of couple goals that you would like to achieve in 2019. What would you and your partner like to do together? You should definitely include seeing each other on your list. It’s either you or your partner comes for a visit.

Since you are online partners, you shouldn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve in a traditional way. Also, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the ideas that you have read here. If you have better date ideas, then go ahead and try them out right before 2019 steps in. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.