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Differences In Dating In Europe and America

In this post, we are going to site the differences in dating in Europe and in America. You’ll be surprised at how most Europeans view dating in general and this is why you need to understand the underlying concepts of dating beliefs or principles.

Dating in America and Europe, What You Must Remember

Difference #1: It is not acceptable to date multiple people at the same time.

Most of the time, in America, when a man or woman is dating, it’s alright to have a little something on the side at the early stages. In Europe, however, despite your dating being in the early stages, it is considered cheating to date someone at the same time.

When both man and woman decide to date in Europe, there’s an understanding that there should be exclusivity. It’s sort of an unspoken or unwritten rule.

Difference #2: Going Dutch!

In American culture, dates are, most of the time, a man’s treat! It is very different in Europe because the two people who are dating split the bill. Expecting the man to pay at all times in Europe means that you may be perceived as a dependent woman. Men can offer to pay the bill at some times, but this kind of thinking seems very conservative to most European women. Hooray for independent women!

Difference #3: Casual, relaxed, less ceremonial.

Let’s examine first date scenarios. When going on a first date in America, there’s always an impression that you need to be formal, asking the right questions, presenting your best foot forward. In Europe, the atmosphere of a first date is very much like two friends hanging out. There’s less pressure, less expectations and more “let’s just have a good time” kind of vibe.

Difference #4: This is not a game!

We have all commonly seen American films and music videos portraying men and women treating dating like it’s some sort of game. Women in America can flirt with you even if they do not like you and men in America can do the same thing. They even have what they call a “roster” which is a list of the girls they are dating or having physical relations with.

It’s different in Europe because a girl or a guy will not flirt with you if they do not like you. They may flirt in their own way but they may not see it as such because it just comes naturally. This topic is one for the debate books because there is such a thing as cultural difference. One thing is for sure though, if a European woman or man likes you, he’ll be sure to show it. If not, he or she will also show it.

Are you surprised?

Again, we think that these are just general differences that one may observe when it comes to dating in Europe and in America. It may not necessarily be 100% exact all the time. It’s fun and informative to know the difference though. If the European dating scene sounds more appealing to you, then it may be time to get yourself a European sweetheart.