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Negative Online Dating Trends You Need To Watch Out For In 2018

The year is off to a great start for most of us, but for online dating, the negative trends continue. As much as we want this year to be great for our online love lives, we can’t do much about stopping the negative online dating trends that seem to pop up like wild weeds.

2018’s Negative Online Dating Trends

Despite the appearance of these trends, it’s best that we learn more about them, how they’re executed and how we can avoid them. Below are three negative online dating trends that have emerged in 2018:


Have you ever heard about flexing before? The term refers to boasting about one’s self. In flexting, you boast about yourself online on your dating profile, or as you text or chat. A popular dating website says that 47% of online daters experience flexting. The only way to avoid this is if you shut down those who are blowing themselves up too much. You don’t need people who sound like narcissists.


This is one online dating trend that’s a mouthful to say. It comes from the root word Serendipity which means the occurrence of happy events by chance. Serendipidating, similarly, leaves things by chance too. You get asked out on a date but you put it off because you feel like someone better is going to come your way.

To better your chances of finding love online, you cannot leave things to chance. If you like the person, then say yes to the date.


This trend is a bit interesting. Mostly, it has been observed in women. It is comprised of the word Faux and the slang Bae. Faux means artificial and Bae means girlfriend or boyfriend. You’re fauxbae-ing someone when you are pretending to have a loved one online when you actually don’t, in real life. So what’s the main purpose of all the pretending? Most likely, it’s to make an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend jealous or to ward off uninteresting people from approaching.

To avoid being Fauxbae-ed, we must learn how to accept rejection. Even if you can tell that this person is lying about having a significant other, let him or her be and just move on.

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