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Need-to-Know Russian Superstitions About Relationships

If there’s on thing that you need to remember about Russian females is that they are part of a culture that’s very superstitious. You may wonder what this has to do with you dating Russian women. Well, a lot because Russians have superstitions for almost everything including relationships. If you want to avoid giving your Russian lady an offensive (without you knowing that it is offensive) gift, you need to learn and understand Russian dating superstitions.

Learn About Russian Superstitions So They Don’t Shock You

Russian Superstition #1: Feet

Stepping on your Russian girlfriend‘s foot accidentally. Let’s say that you’re already living together with your Russian lady and you accidentally stepped on her foot because you weren’t watching your step. Don’t be surprised if she does the same thing to to you intentionally. This Russian relationship superstition says that if she doesn’t, you and her will soon have a big fight or quarrel.

Russian Superstition #2: Looking back

Looking back on your way to church. When the big day comes, do not look back while on your way to the church. You must resist the urge even though you thought you passed something that caught your interest. This basically symbolizes that you’re looking back to your former home, former life, former lifestyle and etc. The whole act means that you’ll never be happy with your new life as a married person. This applies to both the man and the woman about to be hitched.

Russian Superstition #3: Rings

Wedding rings should not be taken off and shown to others. So usually, in the West when someone asks, “Can I see your wedding ring for a minute? It’s beautiful”, granted that the person is not a complete stranger, one would take it off and show it to that person without thinking that much of it. The person just wants to admire your ring, right? Harmless enough but it is unacceptable in the Russian culture. Taking off your wedding ring to show to someone means that you’re taking your love and happiness and giving it to that person. This also applies to both man and woman.

So once married to a Russian bride, just show off your wedding ring while holding your hand up or while giving the other person who asked your entire hand. Just don’t take off your symbol of love.

Russian Superstition #4 & #5: Flowers

Flowers are considered a great gift when dating a Russian lady but there are 2 things that you need to remember before going out and buying the flowers that you think she likes:

1. No to Yellow – Please do not buy yellow flowers. If you give this to your Russian girlfriend or to your Russian date, this means that the relationship will end soon because of a big fight.

2. Odd is Good (for dates and gifts) – No, we’re not actually talking about odd flowers like black roses or black cucumber flowers. We’re talking about the number of flowers that you give. This is interesting because this Russian relationship superstition dictates that flowers in odd numbers are good for gifts while flowers in even numbers are suitable for funerals.

Russian Superstition #6: Cards

Are you single and good at playing cards? Then Russians will believe that you are unlucky in love. We’re not sure why this is but this only applies to men or probably women who are not married yet.

That’s all for our list of Russian relationship superstitions. We aren’t quite sure where these superstitions originated from but you’d have to admit that they are pretty interesting. Check back for more fun posts about Russian women, the Russian culture and Russian dating.