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Narcissists Are Attracted To These Positive Characteristics

Narcissistic people like to be surrounded by those who make them feel superior and important. So much so that when they look for relationships, they search for people with positive characteristics that can help them feel this way. We often think that narcissists may be attracted to their own kind, but it’s totally not the case.

Your Positive Characteristics Make Narcissistic Dates Feel Great

It’s a sad fact, but it’s still true. Narcissists target people who will always give them what they want. Even if you see yourself as a person with a kind heart, you are not exempt from encountering a narcissistic date. With that said, listed below are some positive characteristics that narcissists are attracted to:

1. Caretakers

Caretakers like taking care of other people, sometimes even neglecting their own need. They like to fuss around and stay in the background so that others can shine. While this trait is good, narcissists especially love it because then, they have someone doting on their every whim.

2. Emphatic And Forgiving

An emphatic person is ruled by the heart. He or she has a kind and forgiving nature. Even if the partner did something really bad, the empath can easily forgive and forget as long as an apology was made. With this trait, a partner can easily get abused by a narcissist because they know which buttons to push so that the other party will just yield.

3. Successful

Narcissists want it big. So while it seems that they are happy with what their partners have achieved, it is really for them. They want to show the world what they added to their “collection” of partners. Even if it’s your success, it’s still all about them.

4. Easy-Going

Easy going people just go with the flow. The narcissist wants to be in control and the center of attraction, so he or she will most likely go with somebody who doesn’t put up a fight to what he or she wants.

5. Good-Hearted

Basically connected to being an empathic person, there are just people who tend to look past shortcomings. Narcissists love that. After all, they always want to be right in everything.

These positive characteristics appeal to the narcissist because such kinds of people are easy to manipulate and bullied. While these traits are what our society needs, they can also be easy prey. For more tips on dating, read other posts on our blog.