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Myths And Surprising Truths about Romanian Women

So you’ve heard some things about Romanian women. Some good, some bad, some downright ridiculous. Is there a sliver of truth to these stereotypes and myths about these beautiful ladies? Here we will try to dissect a few of these so called myths, and find out for sure whether they are true or not.

The Truth about Romanian Women

Myth #1: Romanian women are easy.

In every society, there will always be women who are easy. May you be American, Asian, Latina, or what have you, there will always be a select few from your society that will be labelled as such. Romanian girls are no exception. There may be some percentage of the female populace who are easy, but this should not be taken as a generalization of all women there. Women from Romania are like any other nationalities who want to find true love, settle down and start a family.

Myth #2: They are after your wallet.

Sad to say, a lot of online dating sites are prowled by women who are indeed after your wallet. But fret not. This is not the norm in Romania. Romania is not a particularly rich country and a lot of its people are struggling to have a better life. This is what drives Romanian ladies to study and find good jobs to provide for themselves and their family. These ladies are independent and capable of taking care of themselves. There are just those who would rather have an easy buck than work for it.

Myth #3: They are vapid and shallow.

Just because they have the looks of a Barbie doll does not mean they are stupid. The same way blondes are usually discriminated against. Yes, these women care for their looks and their bodies, though this is only because they value beauty. They value intelligence in the same way. If you take a closer look on a Romanian girl’s life, you will see that she studies as hard as she works out. These women are intelligent and smart. They are just more blessed because they were given the bonus of good looks.

Myth #4: Romanian = Gypsies

For some reason, when people hear the word Romania, they automatically equate it to gypsies. This is probably because gypsies are of the Romani people. Well, it is understandable seeing as the difference in spelling is just one letter in the end. But tread carefully as this is particularly annoying to Romanians.

Myth #5: Romanian women are submissive and characterized by strong gender roles

Although they are very feminine and they love being women, these women should never be thought of as the weaker sex. Romanian women are highly educated, and work just as hard as any man in the work place. They are independent and have their own opinions. Yes they love their families very much so, but this does not mean that they are compelled to give up their career just to stay at home and be a home maker. Romanian women who stay at home do so only by their own decision, not because they are expected to.

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