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The Most Attractive Trait On Dating Profiles

When we make our dating profile, we usually make it a point to put in everything good about ourselves. Why wouldn’t we? Most of us think and believe that potential dates are going to be attracted if they see or read our most attractive trait on our profile. However, recent research says otherwise.

Your Most Attractive Trait Will Make You Unforgettable

A company analyzed over 5,000 dating profiles to come up with data that will show what traits online daters actually want in a person. The results were surprising. The very details that we feel like make us unfit to be someone’s better half, are actually details that make us attractive:

Children Or No Children?

Having kids may or may not be in your future, but you don’t exactly tell this on your dating profile. On a first date, maybe, but you wouldn’t think that discussing it to someone you just met would be ideal. On the contrary, women who say that want children, as well as men who say that they do not want kids in the future, are actually popular.

Do You Think Drinking Is Your Most Attractive Trait?

Another one is drinking. You don’t tell people, outright, that you enjoy a bottle of wine every weekend, or that you frequently visit bars because you like the taste of the rum it serves. This may sound off-putting right now, but drinkers actually get more messages than non-drinkers.

It may be because non-drinkers are seen as people who don’t like to have fun. Whatever the reason is, it’s good to be upfront with your drinking habits.

So What’s The Take Away Here?

The very traits that we think may be our downfall could actually be the factors that allow us to be endearing. The research suggests this: be honest. Do not huff your dating profile up just so you can seem like someone interesting. No one wants to date a person who seems perfect because that’s just not realistic. Everyone has flaws. Some have to be discovered by others personally, but some you can put on your dating profile to appear more honest about yourself. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.