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Must-Know Truths About Dating Eastern European Women Online

Seven questions with answers about dating European women online can’t simply be enough to cover everything that you’ve been wondering about. But, you can cover the basics. Remember that this is for beginners out there who would like to know more about dating European women online. Let’s begin.

Is there a possibility that I’m dating European women online that are fake?

This may be hard to hear, but the fact is, there will always be that risk. It’s just like everything else in life – everything always has a risk. Right? This is why that you need to be alert even though you’re keeping your mind open while dating European women online.

Some of the red flags that will let you know a lady is fake:

  • She avoids video conferencing. This might be because she (or he) doesn’t want to show her (or his) face.
  • If you ask a specific picture of her doing something specific, she gives you excuses. Here is an explanation and a smart trick that you can do: to check the identity of the lady you’re chatting with, have her hold a sign with your name on it and then have her send it to you. It is this specific action (holding a sign with your name on it) that she cannot fake.

Why are European women online so beautiful?

This is a very common question. Because most men see a lot of impossibly beautiful Eastern European women online, they feel that the profile may be fake. This is because there’s that “too good to be true” factor. The truth is, there are real women behind those files as well as fakers. That’s why you have to watch out for the red flags. Another thing you can do is check your dating site’s security policy. Some sites, like, actually double check the identity of the ladies before they can be added to the site’s database.

What’s the best advice on the internet for beginner online daters?

There are plenty of helpful advice that you can find on blogs like this one. The most important or the best advice, however, is this: be yourself and act natural. The worst thing that you can do when you’re online dating is to misrepresent yourself or appear as someone you’re not. Also, you have to update yourself with newer trends with online dating.

What do Eastern European women online like in a man?

You have your usual preferences – caring, loving, open minded, kind. Physical characteristics don’t matter so much when you have a kind heart and are truthful. Also, you must have confidence. Eastern European women do not like men who are shy and introverted.

Are Eastern European women “easy”?

Not at all. That’s probably a common misconception. Russian women, for example, can test the heck out of you. But, if you get passed that stage (and her tests), you will have her attention and her heart.

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