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Meet Exotic Beauties From A Mysterious Country

You probably don’t know much about Moldova, but you’ll soon now more about its exotic beauties. Anastasia Date’s girls are here to help.

These Exotic Beauties Are Ready To Meet You

Our selection continues this week, and since Moldova is site’s choice for the month of September, it’s only natural we choose our top five girls to represent the country. Just like with all ladies on our site, these are also special, meaning you can’t find two that are alike, and you will surely find what you are looking for, you just have to start.

And what better way to start then browsing through girls who present country of the month, learn something about it along the way, and then maybe visit soon?


Moldovans Aleksandra

Aleksandra is 23 years old and is celebrating her birthday this week! So there really is no better time to get to know her better and make her feel special. She will charm you with her bright character and willingness to learn and work. She would like for you to lead an active life and be honest.


Moldovans Anna

Anna is also 23 and, as you can see, absolutely stunning. She loves being outdoors and having fun. At the same time, she likes to cook and make her home cosy and tidy. But do not think she’s not adventurous because she can’t wait to travel with you and explore the world.


Moldovans Anna2

This brunette beauty is also named Anna, but she is 22. And you will be delighted with her if you are into creative types. She truly is one of a kind, since she writes music but also draws the most beautiful paintings. She also enjoys photography and in addition to all that she also writes – since she is a journalist. Could you handle all of her?


Moldovans Anastasia

Anastasia is 20 years old, and you must admit – she is truly a human-sized Barbie doll. She says she is a happy girl and that her life is like a puzzle which consists of bright details. And to put it all together in a vivid picture: she needs a man who will give her the missing parts.


Moldovans Marina

Marina is 23 and can’t wait to find her love. She likes to travel and see new places, but she will gladly show her country to you if you are interested. She is a person who always holds her word, and always takes action rather than sitting aside waiting for things to happen to her. So expect her to go for what she wants. If it’s you, you’ll know it.

What do you think? Could one of these ladies from Moldova be your match? To meet more ladies visit the rest of our blog.