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A Modern Woman Will Run Away From You If You Do This

Ask any man you encounter if he wants to date a modern woman – a woman who’s ambitious, has a clear head, and is at the top of her game. The men you’ll ask will, most likely say yes, because, why not date someone who exudes excellence from the tip of her hair down to the tip of her toes? A successful modern woman can be very sexy.

A Modern Woman Might Think Differently

All of those adjectives are received with gratitude by every modern woman out there. The problem with this, however, is most men are all talk. Reese Witherspoon, feminist and actress, couldn’t have put it clearer. In her interview with Glamour, she said, “Run away from a man who can’t handle your ambition.”

You Don’t Want To Be The Guy

Could guys feel threatened and emasculated when dating a successful lady? Probably yes, probably no. It depends on the man. But, one thing you need to be sure of is that you don’t want to be the kind of guy a modern woman runs away from. If your faced with a potential date who is a business owner or a CEO of her own company, you can:

  1. Focus on just your date. She is most probably focusing on just your time together and not on work, so you shouldn’t bring it up when you’re on a date. Light conversation about how work is going is fine but don’t dive into the topic further.
  2. Focus on the person, not her position. It could be intimidating when you’re with someone who is business-minded, but you shouldn’t be focusing on just this part of your date’s personality. There’s more to her than just her success.
  3. Remember that she also has her weaknesses. No one’s perfect, not even your date, although it may seem like it. As you get to know her, you’ll likely see her quirks and insecurities which make her who she is.

Be the better man. Don’t walk away from potential love just because the woman you’re interested in is more successful than you. A real man will grow with the person he is dating, rather than shy away from or compete with the success his girl already has. For more essential dating tips, make sure you visit the rest of our blog.