Meet The Young And Ambitious Ladies Of Anastasia Date

Meet The Young And Ambitious Ladies Of Anastasia Date

Age is just a number. No matter how old or young you are, you don’t need to think about your age as a hindrance to fulfilling your dreams and to finding love. This is exactly what the young and ambitious ladies on this week’s list believe.

They’re Not Just Beautiful, They’re Also Young And Ambitious

Despite their youth, these Anastasia Date ladies have a good head on their shoulders. They’re outgoing, fun, and, most importantly, responsible when it comes to their careers and their families. Let’s meet them:


Yuliia19 - Anastasia Date Lady

Yuliia, 19 years old, is the first young and ambitious lady on our list. She is a university degree holder and is currently working as an administrator. She tells us that she’s the kind of girl who looks tough but is actually very kind on the inside. Giving advice is what she does whenever her family and friends share their problems with her.


Ekaterina19 - Anastasia Date Lady

Does Ekterina, who is also 19, seem like the type of person who likes to watch football? She may not look like it but she loves to watch the game because she plays football herself. She is also a university degree holder. In the near future, she aims to save enough money to travel with the person who captivates her heart. Evidently, she hasn’t found this person yet and that’s why she’s on Anastasia Date.


Karina18 - Anastasia Date Lady

The 18-year-old Karina is working her way to the top in the pharmacy business. She’s currently working as a pharmacist in Kharkov, Ukraine. She describes herself as a princess with a big heart for helping those who are in need.


Marina18 - Anastasia Date Lady

Marina is currently concentrating on her work as an administrator, but she is not closing doors to the possibility of love. She says that she has already reached a point in her life where she longs for someone to take care of. She’s already paid enough attention to her career at the age of 19, and wants to give some of that attention to a person she loves.


Victoriya19 - Anastasia Date Lady

The 19-year-old Victoriya is still a student but she’s working hard and studying well so she can graduate with honors. She’s studying dentistry and hopes to have her very own clinic when she’s done with school. As early as now, she would like to meet a man who can be with her as she gets older.

Remember, the age is just a number. Don’t be intimidated by the age of the Anastasia Date ladies on this week’s list because they’re more mature than you think. You can get to know each one by clicking on their names and visiting their profile. For more lists and advice on love, check out more of our blog posts.